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How much my potential clients will be willing to pay for my service/product?​

Who is the most relevant market segment for my service/product?

How does the user's experience go in their natural space?

Should I invest more money to add more features​?



We work together with  Future Centers, urban laboratories, technology companies, universities, and a variety of Beta sites in Israel, Europe, China, and Japan.

Together, we design and implement action research to test innovative solutions for a better future for citizens worldwide.

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Meet Us

Dr. Edna Pasher

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Co-founder of InnoBa, Chair & Co-founder of Israel Smart Cities Institute. International expert in Innovation Management.

Mor Harir

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CEO & Co-founder of InnoBa. Director of International Collaborations and Research Projects at Israel Smart Cities Institute.

Prof Leif Edvinsson

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Founder of Future Center Alliance. International expert in knowledge management and intellectual capital. 

Prof Noboru Konno

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President of Japan Innovation Network and Future Center Alliance.

Shai Blitzblau

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  and international cyber strategists.

Amiaz Sagis

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Owner and CEO of SAR 17 Consulting & Investments Ltd.

Haim Russo

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Member of the board at  Israel Innovation Authority,  former CEO at Elbit.

Prof Otthein Herzog

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Professor at Tongji University, Shanghai. International expert on AI technologies - EU

Shmulik Ben-Tovim

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President of City TLV, Co-founder of Israel Smart Cities Institute.

Allan Dykman

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Entrepreneur and Business Development expert

Noga Levtzion

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CEO & Co-founder of Value^2. International expert for sustainable investments.



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